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New Territories EastShatinYu Chui Court
Address:6 Ngau Pei Sha Street (Map)
Yu Chui Court Information

Date of Occupation Permit: 08-2001

Total Flats: 4164

Address: 6 Ngau Pei Sha Street

Developers: Hong Kong Housing Authority

Management Company: Hong Yip Service Company Limited

No. of Blocks: 16

School Net: New Territories and Island 91
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Nearby Properties
DateDistrictBuildingAddressPriceSA$ / sq. ft (SA)GFA$ / sq. ft (GFA)Type
2018-06-07New Territories EastShatinYu Chui CourtFlat/Room3Floor15BlockRSale: $5.35M519ft²@$10,308.29738ft²@$7,249.32ASP
2018-06-04New Territories EastShatinYu Chui CourtFlat/RoomAFloor29BlockLSale: $6.68M650ft²@$10,276.92826ft²@$8,087.17ASP
2018-05-31New Territories EastShatinYu Chui CourtFlat/Room5Floor14BlockJSale: $7M650ft²@$10,769.23825ft²@$8,484.85ASP
2018-05-09New Territories EastShatinYu Chui CourtFlat/Room3Floor40BlockRSale: $0519ft²738ft²ASP
2018-05-03New Territories EastShatinYu Chui CourtFlat/Room3Floor24BlockCSale: $6.95M650ft²@$10,692.31825ft²@$8,424.24ASP
2018-04-20New Territories EastShatinYu Chui CourtFlat/Room1Floor6BlockMSale: $6M16ft²@$375,000735ft²@$8,163.27ASP
2018-04-18New Territories EastShatinYu Chui CourtFlat/Room5Floor20BlockPSale: $6.78M663ft²@$10,226.24944ft²@$7,182.20ASP
2018-04-18New Territories EastShatinYu Chui CourtFlat/Room3Floor22BlockPSale: $5.39M519ft²738ft²ASP
2018-04-06New Territories EastShatinYu Chui CourtFlat/Room6Floor6BlockHSale: $6.50M517ft²@$12,572.53682ft²@$9,530.79ASP
2018-04-03New Territories EastShatinYu Chui CourtFlat/Room2Floor10BlockASale: $6.80M650ft²@$10,461.54826ft²@$8,232.45ASP
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